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One student group hypothesized that the dry baker's yeast must be alive. the temperature change, odor, and bubble foation, they said, indicated whych characteristic of life


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A)be made of one or more cells  

B)detect and respond to select external stimuli  

C)have some form of nucleic acid as the hereditary molecule  

D)show growth and development; that is, specialization of cells or structures

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The correct answer is option B, that is, detect and respond to select external stimuli.


The changing odor, temperature, and formation of bubble all suggest that the yeast is reacting towards the external stimuli. This is a feature of all living species. They will react towards the modifications taking place in their surroundings. The modifications that take place here as a consequence of the yeast utilizing the yeast in the dough in order to carry out the process of respiration.

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The changing temperature, odor and bubble formation all indicate that the yeast is responding to external stimuli. This is a characteristic of living organisms. They will respond to changes in their environment. The changes that occur here are a result of the yeast using the sugars in the dough to carry out respiration.
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The correct answer is letter B. The yeast has the ability to detect and respond to different external stimuli. The observable characteristics of change in odor and bubble formation gives proof that the dry baker's yeast is alive.

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One student group hypothesized that the dry baker's yeast must be alive. the temperature change, odo...

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