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In what ways has art been used in religion throughout history?

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Which of the following composers was spanish a. lassus b. victoria c. tallis d. palestrina
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This is a type of government in which a group of individual states are united under astrong, central government.
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Some singers, especially sopranos, are often given what title because of their egoistic tendencies? a. coloratura b. diva c. star d. profundo
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Read the excerpt from the building of manhattan. the heater cranked the blower handle to force air up through the fire and heat the rivets in the furiously burning bed of coals. he knew how hot the rivets were by the way their color changed. cherry-red rivets were 1,000 to 1,950 degrees fahrenheit. at the right moment he grabbed one in his tongs and tossed it to the catcher. which phrase cannot be changed in a paraphrase of this text? “the furiously burning bed of coals” “by the way their color changed” “1,000 to 1,950 degrees fahrenheit” “force air up through the fire and heat”
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In what ways has art been used in religion throughout history?...

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